You will have India's top Dietician and Nutritionist by your side - poor health condition like obesity, overweight, low immune system, weak metabolic health etc. does not happen overnight, it's commonly (if not due to disease / side-effects of medication or genetically happens) are resultant of years of ignorance toward one's health and to food they eat.
That is why your positive health journey need your dedication, determination PLUS an expert by your side who can monitor you individually, talk to you regularly (to take feedbacks, to monitor you, to motivate you, ask you for pathological test and read those reports as you health starts to improve, and accordingly keep upgrade your diet).
The chances for permanent and success weight loss, diabetes control, improvement to PCOS condition, etc may get reduces if you replace a human health medical expert with a (programmed application) or if you follow read-for-all, diet articles and books. This may happen because you are unique and so is your body compositions, lifestyle, and food culture. Plus how your body reacts and progress after starting a diet will also be UNIQUE and different form OTHERS.
Your health is your wealth - unfortunately, a large percentage of the world population throughout their life stays reluctant to invest time and attention on their health and this ignorance commonly results in losing part of their life-savings on medications, and hospitalization. Hence it's never too late to start the right diet with the right dietician and nutritionist.